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Like Your New Teeth? Take Care Of Them!

When you have teeth whitening treatment, it is very easy to get the impression that you are now a little bit “bomb proof”. Having given themselves a blank slate, many people arrive at the conclusion that it is a good idea to go about putting something on that slate. However, this is a stupid thing to do, and there are various reasons for this. Having had one’s teeth whitened, it is not uncommon for people to arrive at the realization that they have almost a licence to […]

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From Time To Time, Not All The Time

Having your teeth whitened by a dentist is something from which people with the money and the inclination can get a lot of benefit. However, it needs to be remembered that as a treatment teeth whitening is really something that you use to put things right and then move forward, not something you can have done again and again, every time something goes wrong. There are people who seek to go for teeth whitening on a semi-regular basis rather than guarding the whiteness that comes from the […]

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What To Eat After Getting Teeth Whitened

People who have had their teeth whitened will often be warned to avoid foods that stain their teeth at least for the near future. The first few weeks after teeth are whitened, the teeth will be sensitive and prone to staining, and it is wise to stay away from food and drink that you know will stain the teeth. Foods that do this include dark meat, spinach and blueberries. It is a matter of finding the staining foods in your diet and replacing them – in the […]

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